I'm Madeleine, I'm Madeleine, I may be very small!

I love this gal. She makes me so happy and I forgot how nice it was to have a pet/cat. People say she is a crazy psycho, but to me she's a complete sweetheart.
The first time I ever met her, I was staying over at Todd's mum's house and she slept on my shoulder/neck all night long and all day long (I was unwell with the flu). When I'd get up to go to the bathroom, she'd follow me and wait. Then follow me back to bed and settle in. Todd was so worried she'd attack me because she never liked anybody, but she never did.

She is so cute and soft and fluffy and lovely. Todd gets jealous because she loves me more than him. Hehe.

It's a lazy dog-dangling afternoon...
dog dangling

Huggles on the couch tonight. AWW :D :D :D :D :D :D
sweet maddy

Here comes your man...

Here's a selection of fucking incrediballs photos of my amazing husband, taken during the 2014 Fringe World season.

During our three-week performance stint, he suspended 8 times, did 4 flesh pulls, nailed his penis to a board once, had 60 cheek skewers, got cut by a samurai sword, lifted 8 kegs from 8 hooks, got stapled at least 100 times, bore an 80 spear Kavadi and got burnt and been whipped countless times. I am so proud of him and as usual I am in awe of how much the human body can withstand.

4 stuntmen 23.2  by johannes
1012079_761566193855881_797109103_n todd eat fire chris benson stuntmen 2014

I'm also really proud of the four boys, Jon Madd, Johnny Domino, Kaneda Cruz and Toddy for putting on an amazing and funny SOLD OUT show - '4 Stuntmen of the Apocalypse'.... I saw it four times and it got better each time! Here they are post show....having a whale of a time out the front of the tent with an enthusiastic audience member!

four stuntmen

From the foyer of our exhibition 'Your Body as the Temple'.... our philosophy and some information on the three main influential people in the modern/western body modification world...

photo (7) your body foyer

A gorgeous photo of Toddy bearing Kavadi at 'Your Body as the Temple'... I had the honour of placing his 80 spears. He bore Kavadi for nearly two hours. Glad I got to witness it, he's always wanted to do it and described it as getting harder and harder the more time went on....
kavadi giselle

Can't fucking WAIT to go to Japan with him in 54 days (and counting)! EFFF YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

japan guide


Fringed tassels

Dark Cabaret

Haha - we had no idea these huge posters were all over town, discovered them when walking through Northbridge one afternoon!

Four stuntmen

4 Stuntmen of the Apocalypse!

johannes best of Fringe 9th Feb 2014johannes best of Fringe 9th Feb
Pics from one of our recent shows!

hahaha Toddelina & Jode...these cut outs are going in the Fringe gardens!

props on stage!

staple selfie
Bronson photo bombing my staple-gun photo back stage!

with haze
With Ky & Haze after our show.

cake eat me
Todd's friend Rizzy's exhibition... Audience members were invited to cut away a little piece of the artist’s elaborately constructed full length formal gown, made entirely of cake and icing.

annnnd here's me giving cakeillingus! Relax your jaw...sweet venus!

what i wore to eat me
What I wore to 'Eat Me' - hat made by me 2009

Tonight I am off on a date to OH CRUMBS!
oh crumbs


Inside I'm tall

I love having a cat! She is so cuddly and affectionate and not at all the psycho cat she used to be (not that she ever attacked me)...

Maddy and I have a special bond...we've become really close over the last few months and I so look forward to coming home to her every night for pats and cuddles. Speak of the devil, she's just walked in and has sat down with me, purring loudly! :D

This week is our 7 year anniversary! How time flies. I always forget the actual date, thought it was the 4th but think it's actually 10th Feb. So looking forward to our trip to Japan!!!
Here's us at Harry Potter world in 2012!!!


eeeeeee Japanistanimation!

Today we booked two nights in the snowy mountains of Japan in April.
kagura ski resort

I am really flipping excited! I have never seen snow before...can't wait to try skiing and make snow angels...and see the snow monkeys on the way! They chill out and warm up in the volcanic hot spring. Ahhhh!

Snow monkeys

We are staying in a traditional ryokan with onsen (hot spring baths).
otowaya onsen ryokan


We're all mad here!

Things are starting to get crazy...

We had a magazine interview yesterday which was cool!

Todd and I are working our asses off...feel like I don't have any energy for anything else because my new role is super demanding. BUT we have to push on because we have four shows to organise stuff for. We had a chance to watch some movies with Mo last night too, which was so nice.

Tonight is one of the only quiet nights I have to do absolutely nothing for the next four weeks. ahhh! :D By nothing I mean make a website and paint props. ha.

Tomorrow night my sister is coming over to meet our cat so they can start to get used to each other ready for when she house-sits for us when we go to Japan. Saturday we have an afternoon tea and my pop's birthday dinner and Sunday we have a photo-shoot. No rest for the wicked...back to work on Monday & then a show meeting, Tuesday & Wednesday we have rehearsals, Thursday Fringe opening party, Friday drinks & dinner with the girls, Saturday is an afternoon tea, then my brother's birthday and Sunday/Monday will be spent doing show stuff and it goes on and on in circles!

and now the kitty is lying on me to cuddle! peace!

breakfast with bridget

Maddy the cat!

Hey modestmaya, here are some kitty pics for you! Her name is Madeline, after the character in the French cartoon series, because they are both very small for their age!

maddy and me

You gonna fuckin' fuck with me, essay? You don't want to mess with no fool! Chola Cat!
maddy chola cat

After lunch, you're fired.

maddy in a tie

maddy in a bow tie maddy sleeping

And here's a better picture of my brother (on the right).
my brother

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